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Jane  Elizabeth Giraud 

A most superb selection of

flowers dedicated to

Her Majesty Queen Victoria

on 20th June  1846   printed and Lithographed by :

19 Finest quality  and all  original  Lithographs

Priced at  25 each + 5 postage & handling

Day & Haghe:

The most famous early Victorian firm of lithographic printing was by created William Day (1797 - 1845) and Louis Haghe (1806 - 1895) in London in 1829. Throughout their initial years, Day and Haghe printed lithographs dealing with a wide range of subjects, such as hunting scenes, topographical views and genre depictions. Their lithographs were so meticulously conceived and technically advanced that in 1838, Day and Haghe were appointed 'Lithographers to the Queen'. After William's death in 1845, the firm became known as 'Day & Son' and in the mid-Victorian era it led the way as a pioneer of the recently developed medium of the lithograph printed in colours.

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 Comus (5)

But Ha that hapless virgin,  our lost sister,

Where may she wander now,  whither betake her

From the chill dew,  amongst rude Burs and Thisles,"

Perhaps some cold bank is her bolster now,

Or 'gainst the rugged bark of some broad Elm

Leans her unpillow'd head fraught with sad fears.

Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms

Comus (6)

Within the navel of this hideous wood,

Immured in Cypress shades a sorcerer dwells,

Of Bacchus and of Circe born,  great Comus.

Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms``

 Paradise Lost (7)

"Earth felt the wound,  and nature from her seat

Sighing through all her works gave signs of woe

That all was lost"


Paradise Regained (8)

"His snares are broke:

For though that seat of earthly bliss he fail'd,

A fairer Paradise is founded now

For Adam and his chosen sons."


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


Book, 2nd (9)

He saw the Prophet,  also how he fled

Into the desert,  and how there he slept

Under a Juniper.


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


Book, 4th (10)

Nor slept the winds

Within their stony caves, but rush'd abroad

From the four hinges of the world,  and fell

On the vex'd wilderness,  whose tallest Pines,

Though rooted deep as high,  and sturdiest Baks

Bow'd their stiff necks,  loaden with stormy blasts.

Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


Poems on Several Occasions. (11)

"Sabrina fair,

Listen where though art sitting

Under the glassy, cool, trnaslucent wave,

In twisted braids of Lilies knitting

The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair.

Listen and Save"


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


 Book, 11th (12)

But to nobler sights

Michael from Adam's eyes the film remov'd

Which that false fruit that promised clearer sight

Had bred;  then purg'd with Euphrasy and Rue,

The visual nerve,  for he had much to see.


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


Book 1st. (14)

Full forty days he pass'd,  whether on hill

Sometimes,  anon in shady vale,  each night

Under the covert of some ancient Bak

Or Cedar,  to defend him from the dew.


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


Book 5th (15)

Awake;  the morning shines, and the fresh field

Calls us;  we lose the prime,  to mark how spring

Our tended plants,  how blos the Citron grove,

What drops the Myrrh,  and what the Balmy Reed,

How nature paints her colours,  how the bee

Sits on the bloom,  extracting liquid sweet.


Size 23.5cms x 30.5cms


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